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Own An Android Phone? Your Whatsapp Messages Might Be At Risk

Security experts discover powerful Android malware that can spy via WhatsApp

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YouTube Makes Huge Changes to its Partner Program

YouTube has changed the rules and you might not be happy about it...

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Why Facebook's News Feed Change is A Good Thing

It's going to benefit both users and influencers.

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The Silent Social Media Trend You Don’t Want Your Kids Following

Ask your teen if they have a "Finsta" account...

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Snapchat fans aren't happy about the recent redesign...

Users in Australia, Canada and the UK want the old Snapchat back.

What Can YouTubers Learn From The Logan Paul Situation?

How to avoid a potentially career-ending mistake...


Mark Zuckerberg has vowed to crack down on abuse in 2018

Facebook’s Founder and CEO has made it his personal mission to “fix” the social media platform...

You Might Soon Be Able to Share your Insta Stories on WhatsApp

Facebook is testing a new feature that will allow users to cross-post their content across three different platforms

Instagram will now recommend posts to you

Users will be viewing more new content than ever before with this recent update

Snapchat Launches 2017 Recap Feature

You can now show off you best Memories with Your 2017 Story

How To Feature Your #bestnine Photos of 2017 on Instagram

Check out this fun website app that lets you showcase your best memories from this past year...

ITP Live Meets Casey Neistat

The YouTube superstar on how he keeps his content fresh and the mistakes brands make with influencer collaborations

Twitter continues to fight hate speech

Abusive behavior will no longer be tolerated on Twitter...


5 Instagram Trends to Look Out For In 2018

Here's what you need to know...

How To (Easily) Edit Your Images Without Photoshop

Three alternative ways to make your pictures look like professional jobs

An Influencer's Guide to Spotting A Fake Influencer

Social media star Naomi D'Souza shares her Instagram-based insights

What You Need to Know About New Crackdowns in Influencer Marketing

America's Federal Trade Commission is setting international standards on social media advertising

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