29.08 2018 09:00h
29.08 2018 09:00h

Interns Wanted

Calling all social media addicts

We’ve got some EXCITING news for all you social media addicts…

ITP Live is excited to announce we’re hiring interns!

Are you enthusiastic and self-motivated? Ready to take your professional experience in influencer marketing industry to the next level? Want to learn from one of the largest media companies in the region?

Then this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Our ideal candidate would be a recent graduate or university student who is studying communications, marketing, journalism and/or graphic design. They would have a passion for digital content (both consuming and creating it!), and a keen interest in the latest social media trends. Most importantly, they would enjoy working in a team environment.

Major bonus points if they’re confident in their Adobe Photoshop skills and speak Arabic.

Sound like something you would be interested in?

Submit your CV with a covering letter to talent@itpliveme.com and address the following points…

•    Why would you like to be given the opportunity to intern at ITP Live?

•    What are you hoping to achieve from your internship? 

•    Please highlight any prior experience, if applicable, that is relevant to your internship application.

•   What is your availability for the internship? Please be specific – confirm exact dates of availability and if you are able to offer full time or part time hours. We understand if you have prior commitments, but we are looking for someone who can commit their time to the internship on a consistent basis.

Please be aware that ITP Live’s internships are unpaid, and range in duration from 6 weeks to 6 months. We are looking for committed and ambitious candidates who are prepared to learn and gain the most out of their time with us!


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