22.05 2017 04:29h
22.05 2017 04:29h

The Top 10 YouTubers In The Middle East

For a little dose of everything
by @Ethan Zach
by @Jasnek Chana

Mo Vlogs 
3.4 million subscribers and  750 million plus views

This self-proclaimed 'Rich Kid in the Middle East' has captivated the region with his over the top, extravagant lifestyle and, oh of course, tons of super cars. From gifting Roll Royces to buying a Bugatti in cash, this is a must subscribe for car enthusiasts around the world.

Hayla Tv
3.1 m subscribers and 500 million views
Who doesn't like a good sketch and prank every now and again? We sure do. This 20-year-old Syrian YouTube star who was just born to be in front of the camera, keeps it light and puts a smile on millions of faces as she transitions from character to comical character. But that's not all, Hayla's also gone on to launch her very own bridal and gown shop, Hayla Couture.
Money Kicks
533,000 subscribers and 25.8 million views
In case you thought we couldn't go any younger on this list, our next YouTube baller is Rashed Belhasa, a 14-year-old sneakerhead and massive car enthusiast. Which one does he love more? Well considering he just had an Cadillac Escalde modelled after a Yeezy, we'll let you be the judge of that. With a ludicrous lifestyle and guest appearances at his house from stars like Pogba, Fat Joe and Mariah Carey he scales the YouTube charts.
Lowi Sahi  
446,686 subscribers and 70 million views
Highly successful with the greatest reason of all time for producing videos.....to document his life for his kids rather than explain it. Endearing, hilarious and YouTube loves him for it.
Ali Alhamoudi On Cars
414,000 subscribers and 19.8 million views
From reviewing exotic cars to tearing up the sand dunes, this one's a must subscribe for petrolheads in the UAE and around the world. Yes, we are obsessed with cars down here and aren't afraid to show it.
Saygin Yalcin
387,000 subscribers and 8.5 million views
He's founder & CEO of the Middle largest car buying service, SellAnyCar.com, so it won't be hard to guess what this is about. We're kidding, that's not all. This Dubai millionaire takes you through a tour of his life and gives you a little business guidance along the way. 
Brothers Channel
168,561 Subscribers and 33.2 million views
An endearing brother-sister duo, this young comedic tandem delight viewers with sketches, vlogs and tons of compelling challenges. Wish I got along with my siblings this well.
Sam Chui
45.1 million views and 136,000 subscribers
Too many cars....alright then, let's take it to the sky. Trying to decide which airline to try out next or need a little assurance to get over your flying fear?, This guy's got the answers.
107,236 subscribers and 6.9 million views 
We don't think he's an actual doctor, but is definitely certified is issuing your daily dose of entertainment. That's an essential. Follow along as this charismatic young man walks you through his life.
214,000 subscribers and 129.1 million views
And last but in no way the least, we have a channel providing everything you need to know about drones, radio controlled toys, aircrafts, etc. Need we say more? The big kid in us is screaming in excitement right now and, with a climbing subscriber count, we are not the only ones.


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