05.02 2018 08:14h
05.02 2018 08:14h

Dubai Tourism has collaborated with two popular tourist apps

Visitors can now download "Metro Moments" and "Al Fahidi Architecture Tour" to learn about Dubai
by @Laura Andrea Kell

If you have a smartphone (and who doesnt these days?) touring Dubai just got a whole lot easier!

“Metro Moments” and “Al Fahidi Architecture Tour” have been launched in collaboration with two popular tour apps, both available on the Apple Store and Google Play. They were created by Dubai Tourism to help visitors discover historical sites and landmarks around town.

The apps, Voice Map and Pocket Guide, are supported by GPS technology and use audio narrations to guide visitors through Dubai, from one attraction to the next (and are accompanied by a map to help with navigation). The pre-recorded audio is also available in English, Chinese and German, and comes in text form (if you would prefer to read through the tour instead).

Voice Map and Pocket Guide can also be downloaded in advance, so travellers don’t have to worry about roaming charges while using them.

So there really is no excuse not to check them out, next time you’re exploring historical landmarks around town.

“Metro Moments” is available on Voice Map, an app that uses audio guides and real-time location to direct users towards their next journey of exploration. The tour provides visitors with info on different attractions along the Dubai Metro line, between Dubai Airport Terminal 3 and The Dubai Mall.

“Al Fahidi Architecture Tour” can be found on Pocket Guide. The app is an electronic version of a human guided tour, and assists tourists with their travels in cities around the globe.

"The launch of these audio tours will help people from all over the world gain an enhanced understanding of Dubai and some of its most historically and culturally important sites,” Executive director of Tourism Development and Investments, Yousuf Lootah said.

Next time your relatives from out of town come are visiting, tell them to download the apps.

What are your thoughts on the apps? Would you recommend them to visiting friends and/or family? Let us know in the comments below...


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