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Making The Most of Instagram's Comment Controls

Here's how to block unwanted comments on Instagram...

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Aspiring Creators Take Note! A Smartphone Short Film Festival is coming to the GCC

It's open to ALL citizens and residents of Gulf countries (as long as you're under the age of 25)

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8 Things You Should Consider In Your Branded Content

Hug Digital CEO Tim Baker outlines his social media advice at VIDXB

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How To Get Your Audience's Attention NOW

Three crucial tips on getting your content seen in 2018

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5 Instagram Trends to Look Out For In 2018

Here's what you need to know...

Own An Android Phone? Your Whatsapp Messages Might Be At Risk

Security experts discover powerful Android malware that can spy via WhatsApp

YouTube Makes Huge Changes to its Partner Program

YouTube has changed the rules and you might not be happy about it...

Why Facebook's News Feed Change is A Good Thing

It's going to benefit both users and influencers.

The Silent Social Media Trend You Don’t Want Your Kids Following

Ask your teen if they have a "Finsta" account...

Snapchat fans aren't happy about the recent redesign...

Users in Australia, Canada and the UK want the old Snapchat back.


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5 Instagram Trends to Look Out For In 2018

Here's what you need to know...

How To (Easily) Edit Your Images Without Photoshop

Three alternative ways to make your pictures look like professional jobs

An Influencer's Guide to Spotting A Fake Influencer

Social media star Naomi D'Souza shares her Instagram-based insights

What You Need to Know About New Crackdowns in Influencer Marketing

America's Federal Trade Commission is setting international standards on social media advertising

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